High density computing with

Immersion-cooled rack servers
for data centers & AI

Front and back view of LiquidCool Solutions ZPServer, an immersion-cooled rack server for data centers and AI, in white

As software becomes more sophisticated and demanding, the requirements for hardware infrastructure are intensifying. The ability to increase compute power is a must.

LiquidCool Solutions’
is up to the challenge.

Designed for data centers and AI, the zero-pressure ZPServer offers maximum scalability with up to 4kW per standard rack unit.

It’s configured with the latest components to meet your high capacity cooling requirements, form factor and OEM brand agnostic. And it’s flexible — can be co-located in existing 19” racks or packaged from top-to-bottom to provide the highest density TDP in its own rack.

Using our patented Total Liquid Immersion with Directed Flow (TIDF) technology, we send the coolest fluid to the hottest electronic components first within our liquid-tight chassis. Then the thermal transfer fluid immerses the other electronics to gather the remaining heat before leaving the chassis to be cooled and returned.

This is the most energy efficient and environmentally sound way to remove heat from data centers, reducing PUE to <1.03.

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An example of LiquidCool Solutions' patented immersion cooling on a rack server system.


  • Uses standard data center racks
  • Energy efficient — cooling PUE <1.03
  • No air conditioning
  • No water
  • High power density
  • Siting flexibility
  • High reliability
  • Quiet operation. No fans.
  • Easy to maintain


Your LCS ZPServers will be configured based on your application’s needs. We are brand and form factor agnostic.

Intel® Xeon® Scalable
or AMD EPYC™ Server

Accelerators / GPUs
NVIDIA™ | AMD™ | Intel®

I / O
Motherboard dependent

Power supply
System dependent
External / Power-shelf
Facility power required 240/120VAC

Form factor
2U server
Standard 19″ rack EIA & OCP
Configured per your application

Rugged sealed enclosure protects electronics from oxidation, corrosion, dust, dirt, salt, humidity, and ESD.

Width: 18″   45.72 cm
Depth: 33″   83.82 cm
Height: 3.5″  8.89 cm

Fluid capacity
Approx 5 gallons per 2 rack units
Single-phase dielectric heat transfer fluid

Approx. 75 lbs.

Patented Total Liquid Immersion with Directed Flow™ (TIDF) 

Operating temperature
32oF-113oF  (0oC – 45oC)

Wide operating temperature range enables deployment in almost any environment

Heat exchange options
Silent operation
Up to 98% of waste heat captured

Liquid immersion/fan assisted
Install almost anywhere
Compatible with existing server room
Hot/cold isle
Quiet @ <55 dBA

Liquid-to-air (passive radiator)
Nearly silent with options to use waste heat for facility heating applications

A diagram showing how the patented LiquidCool Solutions immersion cooling technology works

1 year parts and labor | Extended Warranties are available, please contact LiquidCool Solutions for details.

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