Total immersion?

The best way to cool your IT? You bet!

Close-up view of direct-to-chip immersion cooling technology

A patented approach to immersion cooling technology

LiquidCool Solutions is the only company that combines direct-to-chip and total immersion cooling in a standard 19” vertical rack.

We employ single-phase immersion with our patented Total Immersion with Directed-Flow™ (TIDF) technology in a liquid-tight chassis. We first send the coolest dielectric fluid to the hottest electronic components. We test and engineer our heatsinks precisely to provide the correct flow to assure chips always run at the optimal temperature.

Then the transfer fluid exits the heatsinks and immerses the other electronics to gather the remaining heat before leaving the chassis to be cooled and returned. The coolant is non-toxic and never needs to be replaced.

Because our liquid cools 1,000x better than air, we can provide high density computing – up to 4kW per server.

This is the most energy efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly method for removing heat from data centers.

Proprietary technology

Our team of highly experienced engineers and techs come from Dell, IBM, HP, Cray, Silicon Graphics and Western Digital. They have secured 63 patents with more pending.

Why rack-based cooling is better than immersion tanks

LiquidCool Solutions’ rack-based immersion cooling technology is preferable to immersion tanks for several reasons:

  • It’s simpler to migrate from air cooling since our chassis our are designed to insert into EIA and OCP racks.
  • Servers can be added one at a time.
  • Higher compute density can be achieved.
  • Racks use less space than tanks – 9.5 sq. ft. of floor space vs. 22 sq. ft. per tank, same compute density.
  • Chassis solutions use 1/3rd of the fluid of tanks, reducing weight and cost.
  • With a rack-based system, servers can be easily removed for maintenance.
  • Facility water can be as high as 45oC.
  • Connect to facility water from above, same as cold plate infrastructure.
  • Inlet fluid can be directed to hot components, enabling 60oC exit temperature for heat reuse.

LiquidCool Solutions immersion cooling technology has been verified by:

Berkeley Lab
Solar Impulse Foundation
Open Compute Project
Gold Standard Verification badge

NREL referred to LiquidCool technology as the “Gold Standard” for cooling building-connected data centers, citing the following: Air cooling is eliminated. 100% of heat generated in the server is removed in the liquid. High quality heat that would otherwise be wasted could be captured and reused.

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution badge

In 2021 LiquidCool Solutions was certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation as a provider of profitable, efficient green energy solutions. This designation places LiquidCool Solutions on a short list of international companies that offer technologies not only good for the environment but also good for business.

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