The leader in immersion cooling technology

AI. HPC. Quantum. The demand is soaring for higher density compute and powerful, energy consuming GPUs and CPUs.
Your challenge: to meet the demand in a cost-effective, energy efficient, environmentally sound way.
Your answer: LiquidCool Solutions.

High-density, liquid-cooled, rack-based servers for data centers, edge computing, and harsh environments.

What sets LiquidCool Solutions apart

Full direct-to-chip plus total immersion cooling standard 19-inch server rack

Patented LiquidCool Solutions immersion cooling system on a standard vertical server rack


Because liquid cools 1,000x better than air, we can provide high density computing – up to 4kW per server.


Our products are easy to install and suited for environments ranging from data centers to manufacturing floors.


Our experienced team of engineers and techs have secured 63 patents… and counting.


We configure your systems based on your needs. We’re brand and form factor agnostic.

Advantages of rack-based immersion cooling

Racks take up less than 1/2 the space of a tank for the same compute density.

Our servers use 1/3 of the fluid vs. tanks, reducing cost and weight.

Our servers are designed to insert into existing racks.

For maintenance you can access servers the same way you do now. No messy tanks to deal with.

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