LiquidCool Solutions Exhibits at WAEE’s 2023 Expo

On October 18, LCS exhibited at the 2023 Expo hosted by the WAEE. In this picture, Steve Shafer shows off an immersion cooled, rack-based 2U Server to Herb Zien. Also depicted is a single loop MiniNODE model and passive radiator.

Members of the LiquidCool Solutions (LCS) team made the trek to Brookfield, WI, to participate in the 2023 Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers Expo. On display at the event were models of the company’s MiniNODE and 2U rack-based servers.

The MiniNODE, available in a variety of shapes and configurations, is designed to be deployed in rugged outdoor or industrial environments. By contrast the current rack-based design, the ZP2U Server is sized specifically for installation in standard 19″ racks. Both offerings can be configured with components (processors, memory and storage) from a wide variety of OEMs, including firms such as Intel, AMD and NVIDIA; and Seagate, Samsung and Micron Technology. The MiniNODE and ZP2U Server are both capable of compute densities that are equivalent to as much as 4kW per 2U.

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